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Revolutionise how people buy and sell IT products & services for the good of both communities



Probrand has historically been a Top 100 UK IT reseller serving customers via more traditional methods. 

But, we've always put innovation at the heart of how we serve customers better.

That's why we feel it is time for a new way for IT buyers and suppliers to connect and transact.

You, the customer, have fundamentally changed; 94% of B2B purchases are now discovered and checked out online, on your terms. 

We've seen consumer marketplaces rise as people look for easier ways to buy across multiple suppliers. 

And in business, you now want this consumer style purchasing with B2B pricing and process; that's why 91% of interruptive cold calls don't work

You want the choice to research and discover what you want on your terms online, then engage technical people for help as needed.

Moreover the complex multi-tiered IT supply chain, with human intervention at every step, means you’re not always seeing deals you’re entitled to

Plus, volatility of price and stock make it impossible for buyers to benchmark and get best value.

All this inefficiency equals hassle for the IT buyer and seller who just want to get stuff done.

This is a market ripe for digitisation, where buyers openly connect with multiple distributors and vendors in one place.

That's why Probrand has launched the UKs first marketplace for business IT, and coupled it with great people, to take the hassle and cost out of buying and selling IT.  We save people time and money

Our vision is to continuously revolutionise how people buy and sell IT for the good of both communities.

See what Probrand's marketplace can do for you.

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