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When the successful running of your business hinges on the efficient operation of certain items of hardware or individual software programs, their unexpected failure can be disastrous. It therefore makes sense to have technical experts on call that can help you immediately in the event of any issues. 

And that’s exactly what you get from our software and hardware support – give us a list of your business-critical kit, and then simply book a call with one of our fully certified engineers when there’s an issue.

With service level agreements for any aspect of your desktop computing, complex infrastructure or networks, you’ll have the reassurance and confidence that your IT is supported, and all for a low, fixed price. And if you need to upgrade to a fully managed service you can do so at any time.

Fully managed IT Support

A pro-active IT support approach that maintains and optimises IT and takes ownership of administering your systems

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What you get with software and hardware support

It’s important to have peace of mind that the equipment you use every day can be repaired by qualified engineers at a moment’s notice. Here’s what our support includes:

Book an engineer call if you have a problem

We’re on hand whenever you need our support, and you can speak to us directly

Make as many calls as you want

It doesn’t matter how often you encounter an IT issue – so if many things fail at once, you’re covered.

Cost covers IT support for all listed software and hardware

Confidence that we can resolve issues with all business-critical equipment and computer programs you tell us about.

Can include parts and labour for repair under agreement, and cover peripheral hardware including switches and firewalls

Receive an up-front price if you need to pay for parts and labour.

Service Level Agreements for each item of IT

Enjoy a choice of 2, 4, 8 hour, next day and 24 hour response times for each piece of kit depending on its importance.

Fixed annual overhead

Plan your IT support budget in advance, with the option to upgrade to fully Managed IT Support at any time.

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