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What is Azure Virtual Machines?

Azure Virtual Machines are just like regular servers but hosted as software in Microsoft’s Azure cloud. You can create, configure, manage, and delete them using Azure’s web-based portal, and use them to run regular applications. They offer new levels of flexibility for IT departments while saving on hardware investments.

Any company with volatile computing workloads that make capacity planning difficult will find virtual machines useful and cost-efficient. They provide computing resources when you need them, and save you money when you don’t.

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Azure Virtual Machines will enable you to:

Work at cloud speed

Azure lets you create virtual machines in seconds, giving you fast, flexible computing services that are there when you need them.

Scale with your business

Expand your computing capacity to cope with any unexpected demands, from pandemics to holiday season surges.

Get full control over costs

Different virtual machines such as reserved instances let you plan ahead to reduce your cloud computing costs by up to 80%.

Save money up front

Microsoft’s Azure Disk Storage service offers storage for virtual machines running a variety of workloads. Cloud redundancy protects your data from disaster.
See the Azure Virtual Machines Factsheet [PDF] for more information
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The Probrand service

Probrand will set up an Azure infrastructure that enables you to create and manage virtual machines on demand. Our consultants will help you to plan a virtual machine strategy that boosts performance while minimising costs.

Additional Benefits

  • Save on hardware investments by running virtual machines on Microsoft’s cloud-based hardware
  • GPU-based virtual machines support compute-hungry workloads
  • Support for Linux and Windows means that there’s a virtual machine for every customer
  • Handle any workload with up to 416 virtual CPUs and up to 12Tb of memory
  • Per-second billing means that you pay only for the time you use
  • Encrypt data in your VMs for maximum security

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