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What is Active Directory Domain Services?

Most companies migrating to the cloud have legacy applications that can’t authenticate users via Azure’s native tools. Active Directory Domain Services bridges that gap, enabling them to use their existing authentication methods without expensive recoding. It is a cloud-based service that authenticates users without installing a separate domain controller.

This service is suitable for companies that want to get legacy applications into the cloud quickly with minimal development overhead.

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Active Directory Domain Services will enable you to:

Support ‘lift and shift’ cloud migrations

Not everyone wants to rewrite applications for the cloud. Active Directory Domain Services lets you migrate your software as-is.

Use your existing Active Directory data

Integration with Active Directory lets you authenticate users with existing identity data.

Avoid domain controller headaches

Eliminate the management overhead of deploying and synchronising separate domain controllers.

Simplify server management

Manage domain information for the virtual machines running your legacy software using group policies and simple cloud-based administration tools.

The Probrand service

Probrand will help to analyse and plan your managed domain infrastructure as part of a migration plan that accelerates your journey to the cloud.

Additional Benefits

  • Increase resilience by replicating managed domain information in different Azure regions
  • Deploy domain services quickly using the Azure portal
  • Pay only for what you use with cost-effective pricing plans
  • Simplify deployments by eliminating VPN connections back to your on-premises infrastructure
  • Protect yourself from misconfiguration with regular automated domain information backups

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