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Swivel's single channel web-based solutions are ideal for protecting Web pages, Outlook Web Access (OWA) and SSL VPNs.

It is simple to seamlessly integrate with these technologies and is an effective alternative or addition to vulnerable username and password authentication.

Swivel provides a choice of TURing, PINpad, PATtern or BUTton interfaces so help secure remote access with no ongoing cost for authentication. As a user's PIN is never entered the solution is immune to keyboard-logging based attacks. The images may employ character rotation and are designed to use a range of fonts and backgrounds and even animation. All to provide resistance to OCR attacks. The security strings can be made up of numbers, characters or even a mixture of the two.


A TURing image is a security string represented as an image. The image has place holders to help the user extract the one-time code. So a PIN of 4359 would yield a one-time code of 1268


PINpad is composed of 10 images, each representing a number, which are randomly distributed on different keys each time it is used. The layout of the buttons can be varied, but the key pad design is popular. The OTC is automatically entered into the form as the user mouse-clicks the digits of their PIN on the virtual keypad. As no real keys are used, the PIN cannot be intercepted or captured to any advantage of a hacker.


The PATtern interface allows the user to remember their PIN as a pattern, for example a pattern of a V shape would require the user to enter 43615 as their one-time code


The BUTton is similar to pattern, only it is modelled on a numeric (eg telephone) keypad, so the user would enter the numbers that correspond to the buttons that represent the digits of their PIN, eg a PIN of 4582 would give OTC of 4753.

These images can even be branded for individual customers requirements.


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