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Swivel provides authentication for access via VPNs, Websites, Corporate Web-Applications and Cloud applications, by using mobile devices and web-browsers. 

Swivel is designed to combat threats ranging from skimming, phishing and spyware to shoulder-surfing, key-logging. Its unique combination of registered PINs and randomly generated security strings delivered simply to the user makes it the safest, easiest and most reliable and cost-effective authentication solution available.

Swivel offers a full range of user interface options, including SMS, Mobile app, telephone and image based authentication models, all included in the licence. The different user interface options can be assigned to different users based on corporate security and access policies.


With no tokens to manage, Swivel allows for instant provisioning (and deprovisioning) of end-users. By removing the cost of individual tokens and the associated administration and management overheads, the overall budget requirements for implementation is reduced as are the ongoing management costs.


With flexibility built into its architecture for easy implementation, Swivel is designed to accommodate the unique requirements of each individual organisation.

  • Users can be added and removed by managing the existing user repository or repositories (eg Active Directory). Provisioning becomes part of the existing account creation process.
  • User-defined PIN composition and PIN change policies can be set.
  • Self-care options include PIN change and PIN reset.
  • Comprehensive logging options.
  • Can be deployed as software only or on a single or multiple Appliances.
  • Scalable application.

A single Swivel server can provide the authentication for all your remote services, VPNs, Websites, Web and Cloud Applications.


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