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Secure remote access is imperative to today's business. But in order to increase productivity and reduce IT overhead, the successful solution also must be easy for both users and administrators.

The SonicWALL® Aventail® E-Class Secure Remote Access (SRA) family of SSL VPNs delivers the easiest secure remote access solution for mobile enterprise.


Award-winning enterprise-scale SSL VPN.

SonicWALL has added the award-winning Aventail SSL VPN product line to our E-Class SRA appliances. Aventail's best-of-breed SSL VPNs deliver secure remote access to the most resources from the most end point locations. Aventail was named in the Leaders Quadrant in the SSL VPN Magic Quadrant Report from Gartner, considered to be the leading analyst firm covering the SSL VPN industry. SonicWALL is strongly committed to the ongoing development and support of our SonicWALL Aventail E-Class SRA EX7000 and EX6000 appliances for enterprise solutions.


Remote Access solutions for the global mobile enterprise.

SonicWALL Aventail SRAs provide the access control solution for today's increasingly mobile enterprise. With more employees, partners and customers connected over more widely-distributed and mobile locations, there is greater demand for a single, centrally-managed gateway to control access to network resources.


The SonicWALL Aventail SRA offering is best-of-breed and provides robust solutions for:

  • Remote Access: Provides secure remote access to the most resources from the most end point device platforms.
  • Mobile Enterprise: The only SSL VPN solution to provide support for Microsoft® Windows Mobile PDAs and Smartphones.
  • Disaster Recovery: Allows your workforce to remain productive from anywhere, anytime - even during unexpected business-infrastructure disruptions like natural disasters, pandemics, or terrorist activities.
  • Wireless: Centralized secure access control for wireless networks supporting multiple device platforms.
  • Extranet: Extends access to partners to increase collaboration in a way that does not compromise access control and security.
  • Enforcing Policy: Enables IT to enforce policy across disparate points of entry, allowing granular access control for collaboration and compliance.
  • Network Access Control: The easiest remote access controller on the market, providing the core elements of NAC today and the foundation for the evolution of NAC in the future.


Flexible access options for any end point.

Aventail WorkPlace provides out-of-the-box clientless browser access to Web and client/server applications and file shares from virtually any browser on an unmanaged device. Workplace supports common browsers found on Windows, Macintosh and Linux devices. This allows browser access from home computers, public machines, smartphones and PDAs (including Windows Mobile, Palm, Symbian and DoCoMo devices).

Administrators have even greater control over portal access, content and design with the newly-enhanced SonicWALL WorkPlace Portal. Aventail Connect adds a Web-delivered thin client on a broad range of platforms (including Windows Vista, Macintosh, Linux and Windows Mobile) for managed devices for a complete "in-office" experience. In addition, Aventail Connect Service Edition delivers remote application-to-application access and Aventail Connect Mobile provides "in-office" access for Windows Mobile-powered device users.


Robust features that boost ROI and lower TCO.

SonicWALL Aventail SRAs deliver robust features and benefits that give you immediate return on your investment by allowing your workforce to be productive anywhere, anytime - while helping you reduce IT overhead and total cost of ownership.


Faster return on investment (ROI) by increasing remote productivity.

  • Aventail Smart Access offers transparent, dynamic deployment of the appropriate access method.
  • The most robust set of access options in the industry, including Aventail Connect and Connect Mobile.
  • Easy access to more applications from more environments - including Windows, Windows Vista, Windows Mobile, Linux and Macintosh.


Lower total cost of ownership by streamlining IT overhead.

  • Web-based or thin client access, without requiring IT deployment and maintenance of per-seat fat clients.
  • Aventail Unified Policy delivers a object-based policy model with a single rule set on a centralized gateway.
  • Aventail Advanced Reporting offers powerful analysis of remote access to your resources.


Enhanced network resource security.

  • Aventail End Point Control (EPC) detects the security of an end point at user login and/or at administrator-defined intervals.
  • Aventail Unified Policy protects resources with granular policy based on that user and end point.
  • Aventail Smart Access connects the user only to authorized resources.


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