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Enterprise-class networks are constantly evolving entities, and managing multiple devices and security policies across geographic locations is a challenge.

The SonicWALL® Global Management System (GMS) provides enterprises with a flexible, powerful and intuitive solution to centrally manage and rapidly deploy thousands of SonicWALL TZ, PRO, and E-Class NSA appliances and security policy configurations. For distributed networks with dispersed branch offices and remote sites, SonicWALL GMS simplifies the complexity of network management, reduces administration time and delivers a lower total cost of ownership.


Eases global management.

SonicWALL GMS offers an intuitive, Web-based interface that lets enterprise IT administrators easily take control of thousands of SonicWALL appliances, greatly simplifying configuration and policy management. By reducing the complexity of enterprise network management, GMS significantly lowers total cost of ownership. Customers may use GMS either on a third party Windows based server or on the SonicWALL Global Management System.


Empowers decision-making and compliance. 

Enterprise network administrators and solutions providers have the control to monitor, configure and report on thousands of SonicWALL appliances from a single interface with SonicWALL GMS. Real-time monitoring features send alerts as soon as an issue is detected. With GMS, administrators can easily view, group, and manage the policies and configurations of the SonicWALL appliances on local or distributed networks. Custom GMS reports and policies can streamline executive planning and compliance initiatives.

With SonicWALL GMS, administrators have the tools to manage security policies and services throughout a large-scale, multiple policy enterprise or service provider environment. The system reduces staffing requirements, speeds up deployments and lowers the cost of managing security services. Administrators can also easily create policies for SonicWALL appliances and enforce them at the global, group or unit level.

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