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While technical advances in remote access, mobility, and real-time applications extend enterprise-class network functionality, they have also made it vastly more complex.

Traditional firewall solutions cannot keep pace with today's rapidly-evolving threats to high-speed enterprise networks over widely-distributed environments.

The SonicWALL® E-Class Network Security Appliance (E-Class NSA) Series is engineered to drive down administrative complexity, while defending against the entire spectrum of network attacks, both externally and internally, with unprecedented speed.

E-Class NSAs offer centralized management, network segmentation, multiple deployment options and advanced networking features for ultimate control and flexibility. Combining multi-core technology with unrestricted deep packet inspection, E-Class NSAs are the most scalable, reliable and highest performing multi-function threat appliances in their class.


Your first line of defence.

Stand-alone solutions for specific threats are complicated to manage and difficult to deploy, and often lack effective integration to stop threats in real time. Malicious attacks can penetrate stateful packet inspection firewalls. Securing today’s networks demands Unified Threat Management (UTM). 

The E-Class NSA Series delivers enterprise-class UTM, a multi-tiered proactive defense that combines intrusion prevention and detection, file and content based inspection and application control across the entire spectrum of traffic, irrespective of port and protocol.  Utilising an ultra-high-speed deep packet inspection and traffic classification engine, the solution inspects real-time applications, files, and content-based traffic, without significantly impacting network performance or limiting overall scalability.


Recognised as an industry leader.

No enterprise solution provider is a viable contender unless it has demonstrated proven reliability in high-speed and widely-distributed deployments in the real world. SonicWALL is recognised as an industry leader in enterprise Unified Threat Management solutions, delivering the first re-assembly free engine to offer true scalability and protection for the high speed throughput demands of enterprise-class networks.


Scalable high-performance security.

The E-Class NSA Series is part of the new E-Class line of premium, enterprise-class solutions offering outstanding protection and performance while delivering elegant simplicity and unparalleled value. The SonicWALL® E-Class Network Security Appliance Series is an industry first—using a re-assembly free deep packet inspection engine in combination with multi-core specialised security microprocessors to deliver gateway anti-virus, anti-spyware and intrusion prevention at high-speed without sacrificing network performance.

The E-Class NSA Series includes an extensive array of advanced networking and configuration features to integrate seamlessly into a variety of network environments. Complimenting these powerful UTM features, administrators can use a powerful Application Intelligence feature-set for precise control and inspection over network traffic and applications.  The E-Class NSA Series, NSA E7500, E6500 and E5500 offer a broad range of scalable solutions for enterprise deployments in distributed environments, campus networks, data centers and branch office locations.

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