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In today's business environment organisations rely on the Internet for access to information and resources.

While instant access to information over the Internet is critical, it introduces incredible risks to the network and data.


Security threats.

Every day new threats such as viruses, worms, Trojans, phishing attacks and spyware programs cause serious financial damage to companies through compromised computing systems, lost productivity and the theft of passwords and other confidential information. The opportunity to connect to Web sites that contain objectionable or even illegal content can leave organisations vulnerable to legal liabilities and unwanted security risks. Additionally, the use of instant messaging (IM) and peer-to-peer (P2P) applications compete for employees' time and can result in tremendous losses in productivity.


Introducing a content filtering solution.

The SonicWALL® Content Security Manager Series (CSM), featuring the 2200 and 3200 models, is an appliance-based gateway security and content filtering solution that integrates real-time gateway anti-virus, anti-spyware and intrusion prevention to deliver maximum network protection from today's sophisticated Internet threats. While continuing to increase employee productivity, optimise network utilisation and mitigate any legal liability. This unique solution integrates seamlessly behind any firewall, enabling companies of all sizes to upgrade their security without upgrading their firewall.


Get maximum network protection.

The SonicWALL CSM appliances protect your network from a wide range of Internet threats, such as viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, e-mail-based fraud attempts and illicit or unproductive Web content. By deploying CSM on your network you can enjoy the benefits of the most sophisticated protection available today. All incoming data is scanned in real-time at the gateway to block threats before they can do any damage. The CSM 2200 and 3200 receive up-to-the-minute signatures about the latest Internet security risks via a continuous, real-time connection to SonicWALL's dynamically updated signature database, so even the newest threats can't get through.


Seamless integration behind any firewall.

The CSM appliance is compatible with any firewall and is easy to install and maintain. Simply deploy the unit between your existing firewall and core LAN switch. Then finish the setup with an easy-to-use Web-based configuration wizard. The system is kept up-to-date via automatic updates from SonicWALL's dynamically updated signature database. The CSM appliances will start inspecting all incoming and outgoing network traffic almost immediately following installation.


Uninterrupted network productivity with high availability.

When a CSM appliance is coupled with a secondary CSM appliance, your network remains protected even if the primary unit fails. In the unlikely event of such a failure, the backup unit automatically comes online and provides uninterrupted protection and connectivity. The SonicWALL CSM appliance helps ensure that there will never be a time when your network is left unprotected.


Instant messaging, peer-to-peer and multimedia controls.

Every CSM appliance can be configured to use detailed policy controls to limit productivity-draining applications, such as instant messaging and Internet gaming. The controls can also prevent employees from accessing Web sites and downloading content that consumes a lot of bandwidth or that exposes your company to legal liabilities.



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