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More powerful, intelligent and sophisticated data preservation and disaster recovery.

SonicWALL® Continuous Data Protection (CDP) 6.0 ensures highly sophisticated data backup and disaster recovery for organisations struggling with the reliability and uncertainty of their backup and recovery results. CDP 6.0 delivers dynamic policy-driven backup operations to manage information assets more efficiently and logically.


Administrative policy governance.

Powerful policy-driven backup enables administrators to globally enforce defined backup policies for specified users or groups ensuring only business-relevant data assets are automatically preserved and recoverable for any level of disaster that could cause severe data loss.


Granular backup control rules.

Hierarchically executed backup rules enable a sustainable data reduction strategy that intelligently identifies, captures and preserves pertinent business information, optimises storage and speeds backup while eliminating the costly backup and storage of irrelevant or outdated data.


Windows, Mac OS and Linux support.

The CDP 6.0 agent software supports mixed-platform environments, including the latest Windows®, Mac OS® and Linux® operating systems.


Multiple backup methodologies.

By integrating continuous data protection technology with Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS), IT organisations benefit from constant protection plus granular point-in-time snapshots that support data recovery and disaster resiliency, Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and recovery responsiveness.


Advanced fileset backup methodology.

Combined with data de-duplication and advanced granular versioning and trimming features, CDP 6.0 efficiently captures, catalogues and preserves each backup in chronological versions while excluding duplicate data. This eliminates the inefficiencies experienced by the traditional method of excessively backing up and storing recurring incremental and daily full backup files that overtax secondary storage and result in data loss when historical backup points are rebuilt.


Agent-based data de-duplication.

CDP 6.0 eliminates redundant data blocks at the source to drastically shorten backup windows, minimize bandwidth utilisation, optimize storage, improve performance and reduce operational costs.


Centralised administration and global management.

With SonicWALL’s Global Management System, distributed enterprises can manage backup policies, reports, diagnostics, backup automation, restores, statistics, licensing information, and export and import settings for multiple CDP deployments - at the device, device group or global level - using a simple-yet-robust centralised Web console.


Discovery and recovery of email data.

SonicWALL Recovery Manager for Exchange enables administrators to granularly search, compare and restore individual, criteria-specific items - including single messages, multiple mailboxes and public folders hierarchies in Microsoft Exchange® and Lotus Domino®.


Self-directed file restore.

Users can restore their own lost or deleted files instantly without compromising privacy or security, thereby reducing IT overhead and maximizing user satisfaction and productivity.


Windows Installer support.

With Windows® Installer support, centralised software distribution enables easy remote agent installation to all devices in an Active Directory® network. Once installed, agents are automatically connected to a CDP device broadcasting on the same domain, and backup can occur almost instantly.


Broad Microsoft application support.

CDP 6.0 supports the most popular Microsoft® business and client applications including SQL®, Exchange and SharePoint® servers, Active Directory® and Outlook®.


All-in-one backup and disaster recovery solution.

The CDP 6.0 appliance is delivered with integrated software, hardware and storage to give users an unsurpassed experience with quick and simple deployment out of the box in less than 30 minutes, thus increasing IT productivity and providing a fast return on investment.


Disaster Recovery Services and Software.

Site-to-site data backup.

CDP 6.0 automatically utilises AES 256-bit encryption to transmit and store data on other CDP appliances at remote sites. If the local CDP appliance is no longer viable, IT administrators can easily recover the latest version of data through the replacement CDP appliance’s Web interface.


Offsite data backup.

CDP 6.0 can also automatically encrypt, transmit to and store data at the SonicWALL Data Backup Center. If the local CDP appliance is no longer viable, IT administrators can easily recover the latest version of data through the replacement CDP appliance’s Web interface.

For an added layer of disaster protection, IT can archive the latest version of business-critical data on an attached NTFS formatted USB drive and physically transport it to a secure offsite location. Designed to help organisations meet regulatory compliance, local archiving enables administrators to browse archives and restore individual files.


Universal system recovery.

CDP Universal System Recovery allows for the creation of an exact image of an entire Windows? server or workstation including the operating system files, program files, databases and settings. The wizard-driven interface enables IT administrators to quickly recover an entire system to dissimilar physical or virtual hardware easily, regardless of make, model or installed components.


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