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Designing your switching infrastructure properly will create a platform for growth.


Business networks rely on fast switching to deliver high performance and support the demands of modern applications, but not all switches match all workloads. Probrand’s professional services team can ensure that your network uses the right switching technology to support your data transfer needs.

We will assess your technical requirements based on the applications that you’re using before designing your switching infrastructure. We take into account speeds for primary and uplink ports, power requirements, and positioning at the edge, distribution or core. We look at switch manageability to ensure that administrators can control switches easily, and we also size switches to suit your current and future needs, ensuring that they have the appropriate number of ports.


Why Probrand for Switching?


Buying Power

Buying Power.

Technical Capability

Technical Capability.

Award Winning Service

Award Winning Service.

Experienced Staff

Top Tier Partners & Accreditations.


Probrand is an accredited partner with network equipment vendors including HPE and Dell/EMC. We work with these providers to source the most appropriate equipment for a customer’s. Our expertise in designing and deploying our own datacentre networks makes us the ideal technology partner to network your business.





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