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Use a modern firewall to protect your business from intruders.

Attackers typically use your network as their entry point. They will send malicious network traffic designed to compromise your computers and gain a foothold in your digital infrastructure. Unless you scan your network traffic to spot them, you leave yourself vulnerable. Even your web application is vulnerable. Attackers infect 30,000 web sites each day.

You need protection and security for your business at the perimeter to ensure that your entire IT system runs smoothly, day in, day out. Probrand can install and configure a firewall on your network that will inspect traffic and protect you from digital pathogens. 

We offer Dell’s next-generation SonicWall firewall, which performs ‘deep packet’ inspection on your network, looking inside your traffic to see what it carries. We can configure it to understand how you use your web sites and applications, allowing through friendly traffic while blocking network attacks that threaten your company. 


Why Probrand for Firewall?


ISO 27001 Accredited

ISO 27001 Accreditation.

Technical Expertise

Deep Technical Expertise.

Market Leading Customer Retention Rate

98% Customer Retention.

World Class Support

World-Class Support.

We have the largest in-house team of Dell SonicWall qualified engineers in Europe, and we’ve been recognised as their Outstanding Integrator of The Year, so you can be confident you're in good hands. No wonder we’re also Dell’s preferred implementation partner for SonicWall.


Is This You?

Approximatelly 782,240 UK businesses are exposed with old or untested gateway security.

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