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IT Services > FlexClone

NetApp FlexClone technology creates true clones

  • instantly replicated data volumes and data sets

  • without requiring additional storage space.

Each cloned volume is a transparent virtual copy that you can use for your essential business operations:

  • Testing and bug fixing
  • Fast, efficient desktop and server provisioning
  • Platform and upgrade sets
  • Multiple simulations against large data sets
  • Remote office testing
  • Market-specific product variations


FlexClone saves space with minimal overhead, so you can afford to create all the clones you need to improve productivity.


Key Points:

  • Dramatically speeds up development and test activities for faster time to market
  • Replicates data volumes, files, and LUNs as instant virtual copies
  • Facilitates instant, scalable provisioning for virtual server and desktop environments
  • Reduces space, power, and cooling costs through efficient storage utilisation


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