• Deduplication and Compression

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IT Services > Deduplication

NetApp deduplication combines the benefits of granularity, performance, and resiliency ...

to provide you with a significant advantage in the race to provide for ever-increasing storage capacity demands.

NetApp data compression is a new feature that compresses data as it is written to NetApp FAS and V-Series storage systems. Like deduplication, NetApp data compression works in both SAN and NAS environments, and is application and storage tier agnostic.


Key Points:

  • Utilise minimal system resources - primary data, backup data, and archival data can all be deduplicated with nominal impact on data center operations.
  • Schedule deduplication to occur during off-peak times, applications can sustain critical performance but still realise significantly reduced storage capacity requirements.
  • Install our simple, command-based deduplication feature in minutes. Once deduplication is enabled and scheduled, no other action is required.
  • Select which datasets to deduplicate with our tools to evaluate those datasets and help point out the areas that will provide the greatest return.
  • Perform a full byte-for-byte validation before removing any duplicate data for worry-free deduplication.


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