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Get the benefits of cloud computing with the security and compliance of on-site storage.

Your company may want the flexibility of a cloud computing environment but might not feel comfortable moving applications and data to a hybrid cloud service provider’s infrastructure. You may worry about the security of your sensitive data and customer privacy. Legal restrictions may prevent you from doing it, even if you wanted to.

A private cloud solution brings cloud computing benefits to your organization on computers that you run on-site. This still leaves you with IT management challenges, though. Private clouds use virtual servers that run as software instances. This allows users to create new virtual machines quickly out of thin air. This can be a powerful tool, but also causes ‘server sprawl’ as hundreds of virtual machines that haven’t been deleted clog up systems and present security risks.

Probrand can create a capable, efficient private cloud environment

Probrand can bring its expertise in cloud infrastructure into your business, helping you to set up and manage private clouds that keep your data safe and runs smoothly.

Our private cloud consulting, design and deployment service creates systems from the ground up with performance, data security and resilience in mind.

First, we analyse your business needs, looking at the software you already run and the data volumes you handle. We use this information to design your server architecture in conjunction with your networking and storage, sizing everything for optimal performance and future growth.

Let us help you through the complex and challenging process of building private cloud infrastructure. Then reap the rewards. Your flexible, efficient computing platform will always give you the computing power you need. 


  • A low regular payment allows you to take advantage of enterprise-class computing services with minimal outlay.
  • Use a range of software services in your own applications by developing them using Microsoft’s Azure application programming interfaces.
  • Spin up new servers and provision new storage on demand thanks to Microsoft’s huge cloud-based infrastructure.
  • Pay only for what you use. Avoid buying spare computing capacity that you hardly ever use by taking advantage of Azure’s flexibility.
  • Avoid the dreaded 2am service call telling you that your computing services went down. Rely on advanced, 24x7x365 operations from Microsoft to keep your applications running smoothly.

Why Probrand for Private Cloud?


Award Winning Service

Award Winning Service.

Technical Expertise

Professional Sourcing.

Professional Sourcing

98% Customer Retention.

Business Understanding

Business Understanding.


Probrand is an accredited Microsoft Gold Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions provider, and well-versed in connecting customers to the cloud. Our professional services team can help you with your cloud migration program, from in-depth consultation to deployment and testing.


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