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Business critical virus and spam protection with Maildefender.


Email is a business critical application and when email performs badly, so does the business. Securing and protecting email against threats from viruses and spam is a key priority.

Email communications have been targeted by viruses and spam sources for a number of years, to the extent that many users struggle to use email productively and securely.

The aggressive proliferation of phishing mails has added to this trend.

  • Businesses in the UK lose over £4.5 billion in productivity costs managing spam email, that's about £2000 on average per business
  • The UK based anti-spam software service has found that for an average small business managing 10 different email accounts, 160 hours of working time each year are devoted to the tedious task of ensuring spam ends up in the trash

MailDefender provides unrivalled email protection from all email borne threats without requiring an investment in hardware or software or incurring an ongoing maintenance overhead.


Key Features of MailDefender spam protection

  • Internet-level IT security system, protecting your network from infection and freeing your Internet connection from the burden of spam
  • Automatically updated every 5 minutes against the latest viruses
  • MailDefender stops viruses before they reach your local network using a multilayered anti-virus approach

Why not discover how MailDefender can safeguard your business from viruses and spam with a free 21-day trial.

Please note, to set up the trial, we require the IP address of your company's mail server [Mail Server Public IP] and the domain to scan [Domain to Scan].


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