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A managed approach to this challenge prevents viruses from impacting on your business whilst saving time and money otherwise associated with unplanned downtime.

We use our proprietary proactive support tool, called Spirit, to automate the process of Managed Antivirus for complete 24/7 protection from viruses, trojans and spyware. It ensures that security risks and threats are quickly identified and resolved, and the automatic alerting and job booking of issues means that if problems do arise, engineers are able to fix them quickly.

Spirit provides full reporting of risks and threats and is always up-to-date. It also fully manages and monitors remote users. All of this and more for an all inclusive price with no hidden costs.

Speeds up your computer

  • Lightweight scanning engine for optimum computer speed
  • Run daily virus scans after hours, removing daily slowdown and increasing user productivity
  • Antivirus management burden removed from your server: resources freed up (up to 21%)
  • Automatic computer shutdown after scanning (can be excluded for remote users)
  • Users are more productive as machine and server availability is increased

Reduces risk

  • Always up-to-date and regular product upgrades
  • Remote users fully managed and monitored
  • Sophisticated scan engine provides protection from viruses, trojans and spyware
  • Best practice implementation from our central management system and experts
  • Full reporting of risks and threats resolved



Better value for money

Spirit Managed Antivirus saves you time and money. Its price is fixed and predictable (no hidden or unexpected charges), and its flexible payment terms allow costs to become an operational expenditure. Management costs are also reduced, and installation, full support and product upgrades are included - all for the same price as a traditional purchasing model!



What customers say about Spirit Managed Antivirus

"The best thing about Probrand's Managed Antivirus is peace of mind, having the confidence that someone we can trust is ensuring our Av is intact, up-to-date and is reporting its status to us on a weekly basis. A by-product of its installation is that our computers now run faster; all this at a lower network overhead and price than we paid for traditional Av."Sue Patterson , Wild Manufacturing Ltd

Traditional Antivirus Model vs Spirit Managed Antivirus (based on 25 users)*

  Traditional Antivirus Spirit Managed Antivirus
Support £250.00 included
Product updates £300.00 included
Licence cost £29.99 £49.99
Number of licences 25 25
Total cost £1,299.75 £1,249.75
Cost per licence £51.99 £49.99

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