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Next generation protection against advanced threats, for a single monthly payment.

The threat environment is advancing exponentially, putting critical business processes, confidential data and financial resources at ever-increasing risk from zero-day attacks. 
And, the simple fact is that most enterprise cyber-attacks are initiated through the endpoint. 

Your organisation needs to mitigate the risk, and this means being smarter, better equipped and better informed than the professional cyber criminals targeting you. That’s why Probrand has developed our Cloud Managed Endpoint Security solution; it effectively secures every corporate endpoint, static and mobile for a single monthly payment. 

Our unique, best-in-class technologies target unknown, emerging and advanced threats to protect your business:

  • Automatic Exploit Prevention - proactively targets and identifies threats.

  • Ransomware Protection - detection at both delivery and execution stages. Provides a unique roll-back function should your system be impacted, to get you back to business quickly.

  • Device Control* - prevents data loss, downtime, virus transmission, and unauthorised devices connecting.

  • Web Control** — manage user access to websites dependant on content. Ensures remote users are as protected as office-based users.

  • Fully installed, maintained, and proactively monitored – ensures all endpoints are protected and running the most up-to-date version.


  • Cost-effective peace of mind for your devices in and away from the office:
  • 24/7 remote monitoring ensures security risks and threats are quickly eradicated.
  • Installation and upgrades included providing customers with the latest enhancements in exploit prevention.
  • Low System Overhead: Signature updates happen discretely each day and will not negatively impact system performance.
  • Flexible, opex, monthly billing with the ability to grow and shrink in line with business needs*.
  • Reduced management costs.
  • Optimised to provide maximum security and maximum performance.
  • Flexible monthly pricing.

Why Probrand for Managed Endpoint Security?


ISO 27001 Accredited

ISO 27001 Accreditation.

Technical Expertise

Deep Technical Expertise.

Market Leading Customer Retention Rate

98% Customer Retention.

Flexible Model

Flexible Working Model.



How to prevent a BYOD data breach


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