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Get the best of both worlds, with a mixture of public and private clouds.

Many businesses want to combine the benefits of cloud computing services and the security of storing data on their own premises. They may also have to manage legacy applications that are too important to give up and can’t be moved to a cloud service provider’s systems.

Hybrid cloud systems give you the best of both worlds, marrying private cloud infrastructure at your own site with public cloud services that give you economies of scale for less sensitive workloads. These systems can be complicated to set up, though, as you are distributing data between two sites and managing them both.

Marry on-site computing with public cloud services to boost IT performance.

Probrand is here to help. We can analyse your business workloads and help you determine where in your cloud infrastructure they should be, using a mix of criteria including security, performance, and cost.

We will help you to plan hybrid cloud environments that maximize performance while minimizing cost, mixing cloud providers and using the most appropriate services for your applications.

We can also explain the best use cases for hybrid cloud within your business, ranging from disaster recovery through to faster application development.

Once completed, your hybrid cloud system will let you to provision computer, storage and applications for users at the click of a button, boosting productivity.


  • Seamless conductivity between your site and cloud computing services lets you use more computing resources than you have on-site, preparing you for even the busiest business conditions.
  • Hybrid cloud makes public cloud systems part of your infrastructure, putting services including analytics, machine learning and online backup at your fingertips.
  • Consultation with our professional services team will ensure that your hybrid cloud infrastructure meets the business goals that you have in mind.
  • Industry partnerships with companies like Microsoft mean smooth integrations between your private cloud equipment and online cloud services.
  • Probrand manages all cloud providers in your hybrid cloud environment, giving you a single go-to resource for easy, efficient technical support. 

Why Probrand for Hybrid Cloud?


UK datacentres

Own UK Datacentres.

Technical Expertise

Deep Technical Expertise.

Agile Approach

Agile Approach.

Business Understanding

Business Understanding.


Probrand offers a unique mix of secure, ISO 27001-accredited operations expertise, datacentre design experience, and industry partnerships with cloud service providers. We can manage the complex moving parts of your hybrid cloud infrastructure, and help you to configure applications and services that take full advantage of it.


The best of both worlds: Managing Hybrid

Learn how Hybrid Cloud could help you today



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