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You wouldn’t waste time or money buying, installing and maintaining IT equipment you don’t need.

And you don't have to. By making the switch to cloud computing with Probrand you'll only pay for the services or infrastructure you need.

Our consultative approach will you help choose the best solution for your business, and support you with implementation and migration. You’ll see a game-changing shift in cost savings, efficiency, agility, scalability and reach that’s too awesome to miss.

What exactly is cloud computing?

While usually represented by a cloud symbol, cloud computing is simply the name for remotely-hosted services delivered over the internet. In short, it removes the hassle and cost of managing a physical IT setup, and instead, the services or infrastructure you access are hosted and managed by Probrand in our dedicated UK data centres. And since we’re ISO 27007 accredited, you can be confident your data is secured to the highest information governance standards.

Benefits of cloud computing, delivered by our experts

With cloud computing, you only pay for what you need, so there’s no expensive kit lying around unused. And that’s not the only great reason to choose Probrand for your cloud services:

  • Improve cashflow by spending on operational expenditure instead of capital
  • Access the service or infrastructure you want quickly and hassle-free
  • Enhance efficiency when you need to adopt or upgrade to a new system
  • Trial a new service for free without investing in expensive equipment
  • Enjoy unlimited access to reliable expert support whenever you need it.

Our cloud computing services

We have a range of Cloud Services specifically designed to optimise your business operations easily. Aside from the Cloud Services we provide, our team can even help you develop a business case for cloud computing and answer common questions like; which cloud solution is best for my organisation, public, private or hybrid? What services should I rent from the cloud on subscription software, infrastructure, platform or a blend of all three? Is it secure? How can I implement a cloud solution?

Discover more about our Cloud Services below, or request an online quote.

Alternatively contact us to discuss your business requirements and the options available, including pricing.

Why choose Probrand?

With dedicated data centres in Birmingham and Manchester, our secure UK-based cloud facilities provide peace of mind for British businesses. We boast a 92% customer contract retention rate, showing how happy our clients are with the range of services we provide. Plus you get the peace of mind that we’re ISO 27007 accredited, so your data is secured to information governance standards.

Thinking of moving to the Cloud?

8 common questions answered

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Cloud Backup

Protect your organisation 24/7 for less with fully automated and secure cloud data backup

Cloud Office 365

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we'll support your transition to the cloud, helping you choose the right services for your business needs and delivering it

Cloud Antivirus

Get 24/7 protection from malicious threats, and avoid time and money lost through unplanned downtime

Private Cloud

Get the benefits of cloud computing with the security and compliance of on-site storage

Hybrid Cloud

Get the best of both worlds, with a mixture of public and private clouds

Cloud-based Firewall

A cloud-based firewall will be your digital gatekeeper

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