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Free yourself from hardware worries with a flexible cloud solution.

Take a long, hard look at your business computing. Is it supporting your business as it grows? Companies are facing unprecedented pressures to grow and change along with their customers. Many of them find that on-premise computer systems can’t keep up.

Workloads may fluctuate in line with temporary business pressures. Stock and inventory systems may slow down when sales hit peak volumes at the holidays, but sit idle the rest of the time. It’s inefficient to invest in lots of computing power and then not use it all the time.

Azure provides flexibility and economies of scale

Microsoft’s Azure cloud infrastructure lets you manage your business applications in the cloud, on commodity hardware. You only pay for what you use, and you can expand and contract at any time as demand on your applications rises and falls.

Azure is a tried and tested service from a household name in computing which supports thousands of businesses around the world. Moving your computing to this environment means hiring fewer technical skills to manage computers in-house.

Moving to the cloud lets you focus on building software that will transform your business and delight your customers. Azure helps you do that by offering more than just online computing infrastructure.

Microsoft’s cloud-based service features a variety of packaged services, ranging from artificial intelligence through to analytics. They are all available on demand through an easily-accessed set of software APIs that you or your technology service provider can use to supercharge your software.


  • A low regular payment allows you to take advantage of enterprise-class computing services with minimal outlay.
  • Use a range of software services in your own applications by developing them using Microsoft’s Azure application programming interfaces.
  • Spin up new servers and provision new storage on demand thanks to Microsoft’s huge cloud-based infrastructure.
  • Pay only for what you use. Avoid buying spare computing capacity that you hardly ever use by taking advantage of Azure’s flexibility.
  • Avoid the dreaded 2am service call telling you that your computing services went down. Rely on advanced, 24x7x365 operations from Microsoft to keep your applications running smoothly.

Why Probrand for Azure?


ISO 27001 Accredited

ISO 27001 Accreditation.

Technical Expertise

Deep Technical Expertise.

Business Understanding

Business Understanding.

World Class Support

World Class Support.


Probrand is an accredited Microsoft Gold Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions provider, and well-versed in connecting customers to the cloud. Its professional services team can help you with your cloud migration program, from in-depth consultation to deployment and testing.


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