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Have you ever been accused of sending spam? Do you receive 'undelivered' messages for emails which were never sent?

You may have been a victim of email address theft. Protect yourself with Probrand.

Nearly all abusive emails carry fake (stolen) sender addresses. This form of online ID fraud can damage image, waste time and get you blacklisted by many spam filters.

Probrand's Identity Fraud Protection solution utilises the SPF (Sender Policy Framework) standard, which is designed to protect the sender's email address, preventing fraudulent domain name activity.

This solution protects you against identity fraud by cross-checking any email purporting to be from you against an SPF record on your domain's DNS zone. Any emails which fail this check are considered fake and are rejected.

Protect against common types of identity fraud and abuse:

  • Spammers want to avoid receiving non-delivery notifications (bounces) to their real addresses
  • ID Fraudsters want to cover their tracks and remain anonymous
  • Computer worms want to cause confusion or just don't care about which sender addresses they use
  • Phishers (password fishers) want to impersonate well-known, trusted identities in order to steal passwords from users

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Probrand can provide a complete identity fraud protection service from software to installation and migration with ongoing support to overcome future threats if required.

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