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Let Probrand implement a centralised SAN for improved storage and radical savings.

Probrand majors on robust execution, which demands extensive research and planning around your systems, networks and data centres. We follow a best practice process when it comes to implementation that gives customers total assurance in our work.

Data centre rationalisation focuses on unlocking capability and requires innovative end-to-end proposals that demand consultancy, design, procurement, implementation, training and support. Probrand excels in all these areas and boasts Gold and Enterprise level partnerships with the best in the industry, including NetApp, VMware and HP, amongst others.

Specifically for storage, Probrand offers best-in-class, user-friendly NetApp SANs and often combines VMware to virtualise the storage solution. NetApp opens the door to greater levels of backup and business continuity through easy to configure multi-site data replication. This can in turn facilitate quicker recovery time objectives and improved business continuity. 

See here our Storage Network case study

Probrand can deploy a storage solution that will: 

  • Protect capacity and investment with efficiency tools - Reduce size of all types of data; primary, secondary, file and block. Maximise storage capacity with unified tools; I/O caching, volume cloning, deduplication, compression etc. Protected capacity equals better performance and protected investment.
  • Deliver quick and smart backup - Take high-speed, low impact snapshot images of your data. Effortlessly manage frequent snapshots, replication policies and movement to tape in one console. Reduce backups by up to 98%.
  • Protect business with improved recovery and continuity - Easily configure multi site-to-site data replication for added fail-over. Boot virtual machines from the SAN for quick and easy replacement of faulty host servers. Facilitate quicker recovery time objectives and improved business continuity. Reduce down-time by up to 50%.


What is a SAN?

A SAN or Storage Area Network is an architecture allowing storage devices, such as disk arrays or tape libraries, to connect to servers in such a way that the devices appear as locally attached to the operating system.

In contrast with direct-attached storage (DAS), SANs separate the data storage function from the data processing (server) function, allowing greater storage flexibility and utilisation, and easier central management.

SANs differ from other types of network storage by using block-level access methods instead of the traditional file-level access methods used for shared file space or NAS appliances.

SANs may use the Fibre Channel (FC) networking protocol, connected over fibre optic cables to FC switches, which are connected together to form a storage network or "fabric." An alternative is the iSCSI protocol, an implementation of the well-known SCSI command set designed to work over fast ethernet neworks.


More about NetApp

NetApp helps optimize storage by consolidating files from Windows®, Microsoft® Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server®, Microsoft Office SharePoint® and virtual machines whilst automating common tasks. It is the perfect complement to any virtual server environment. Critically, NetApp offers a refreshingly affordable approach to storage. No longer is storage consolidation as expensive as is perceived.

NetApp Storage from £3,500

Cost effective, fast and scalable storage doesn’t have to cost as much as you think.


Ten Smart Things to Know About Storage

The field of storage is developing fast, but it’s easier than you think to take advantage of the latest cost-saving trends and developments.


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