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Turning many into one. Improve storage, save money!

Take control of your fast-growing application data, files, and virtual machines and maximize your shrinking budgets with an affordable, easy-to-use storage solution. Put storage on the same agenda as server virtualisation.

Businesses are increasingly looking to "sweat" their IT assets, reduce IT estate, maximise utilisation, performance and continuity. Yet, data volumes continue to grow, demanding more management time and additional storage assets.

See here our Storage Network case study

Let Probrand implement a NetApp SAN to enhance your enterprise storage.

Probrand's unmatched experience consistently advises progressive organisations to break down numerous ‘islands’ of Direct (DAS) and Network Attached Storage (NAS), migrating to a simplified single data centre. It is a flexible and scaleable solution that lengthens the refresh and upgrade cycle. As a result it offers quick pay back and long term savings.

  • Reduce cost and complexity 
  • Save management time
  • Free storage capacity for other tasks
  • Protect data

Probrand has expertise of navigating enterprise level storage deployments in complex environments.


Why Probrand?

  • Decades of award-winning technical service excellence
  • Proven expertise around complex public and private sector environments
  • Detailed research and capacity planning assesses where improvements can be made
  • Enterprise level partnerships; NetApp, VMware, HP, Microsoft, Dell
  • Dedicated technical team delivers projects on time, on budget and with total business continuity
  • A controlled, low risk roll-out plan as standard

NetApp Storage from £3,500

Cost effective, fast and scalable storage doesn’t have to cost as much as you think.


Ten Smart Things to Know About Storage

The field of storage is developing fast, but it’s easier than you think to take advantage of the latest cost-saving trends and developments.


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