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One centrally-managed gateway for remote access to network resources

Remote access is critical in today's business, especially in light of flexible working, adverse weather or events causing employees to work from home or out of the office. Lost productivity isn't an option.


Quick and secure remote access - We offer best-of-breed remote access coupled with a choice of authentication technology:

  • SSL VPN delivers user-friendly secure remote access tunnel
  • User authentication tailored to you, either:
    1. Physical token and web based two factor authentication for everyone
    2. Tokenless two factor authentication for larger organisations

Positioned between users and business networks/applications, a Secure Sockets Layer Virtual Private Network (SSL VPN) appliance optimises productivity and reduces IT overhead and Total Cost of Ownership by supporting employees to work from anywhere, anytime, simply and efficiently.

Two factor or strong authentication is the most concrete mechanism of achieving secure access, whether it be through physical tokens or web based approaches that can reduce maintenance costs by up to 73%.  Greater security equals a totally regulatory-compliant environment.

See here our Remote Access case study

Improve productivity and reduce overheads

  • Fast ROI by unlocking and increasing remote access productivity
  • Sustainable long term budget savings from reduced cost of ownership
  • High availability and easy to use solution
  • Total validation of users with increased security
  • Improved business continuity by enabling workforce to operate remotely


Your Ultimate Guide to Cyber Security

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