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A hyper-converged infrastructure from Probrand allows the integrated technologies to be managed as a single system through a common toolset.

Hyper-converged systems can be expanded through the addition of nodes to the base unit. Common use cases include virtualized workloads.

Hyper-convergence grew out of the concept of converged infrastructure. Under the converged infrastructure approach, a vendor provides a pre-configured bundle of hardware and software in a single chassis with the goal of minimizing compatibility issues and simplifying management. If required, however, the technologies in a converged infrastructure can be separated and used independently.  

The technologies in a hyper-converged infrastructure, however, are so integrated that they cannot be broken down into separate components. 

Why Probrand for Hyper-Convergance?


Top Tier Partners & Accreditations

Top Tier Partners & Accreditations.

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Attention to Detail.

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