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Protect against the most sophisticated web threats

Let Probrand configure and install a modern firewall then handover day-to-day management and control to you.


A firewall older than two years offers limited protection

  • Old technology lacks interrogation of application usage and traffic payload
  • Lacks functionality to identify and manage good traffic from bad

Cyber attacks are growing increasingly sophisticated and evading detection by traditional gateway security solutions older than two years, which is rendering them not fit for purpose.

See here our Firewall Case study 

Adopt a next generation Firewall

A next generation firewall has the capability to inspect and detect even encrypted threats at a much deeper level, regardless of port and protocol.  Such a solution also provides granular control of website and application usage, to protect bandwidth for critical business functions. Probrand has experience of rolling out next generation firewalls world-wide.


Why upgrade your gateway security? 

  • Reduce costs and risk of down time from security threats
  • Protect at the perimeter, not within your infrastructure
  • Manage internal abuse of internet access
  • Prevent employees accessing inappropriate sites and

Is This You?

Approximatelly 782,240 UK businesses are exposed with old or untested gateway security.

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