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An Probrand des​igned solution will consider the bigger picture of people, ...

... process and technology as well as data security, reputational risk and disaster recovery.

This means a focus on optimising the process of backup and restore as well as protecting data with relevant encryption technology.

NetApp SAN technology is the industry’s most efficient base on which to build a sound automated disk-to-disk backup mechanism with the ability to take multiple intelligent snapshots of data at any point in time – only backing up data that has changed since the original backup.

NetApp fundamentally allows for a more sophisticated architecture and reduced Recovery Time Objective (RTO) in the event of a disaster – recover data in seconds and easily meet backup windows at an economical cost. Likewise, if you have a virtualised environment, VMware can be utilised to take a similar data snapshot for backup.

NetApp’s unique data de-duplication capability enables more data to backup, simply and efficiently. This delivers cost reduction and a simplified process that releases cash and personnel to focus on bigger issues.

This approach also optimises network performance as it removes the processing conflicts associated with multiple Direct Attached (DAS) devices, which usually slow down network speed. One backup process to one storage network.

Data restore is critical in backup. Aside from a SAN and the snapshots it provides, Probrand would propose where appropriate a secondary cost-effective fail-over using tape media to backup the SAN. This can be easily taken off-site, which adds further credibility to any Disaster Recovery Plans.

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