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Pro-active support price matched to your needs.

As ICT is increasingly used to optimise the learning experience and business operations, it is important for your IT systems to be managed, maintained and supported professionally. Our focus is to maximise performance and optimise IT whilst keeping your costs low. To that end you need a supplier you can trust to offer support reactively when you get in touch or pro-actively to continually maintain your IT so it doesn’t let you down.

We offer helpdesk facilities and on-site CRB checked engineer support.


You can access our technical experts through two core mechanisms:

Fully managed IT Support - A pro-active IT support approach that maintains and optimises IT and takes ownership of administering your systems.

Software and Hardware IT Support - You have a specific list of Software and IT Hardware you want supported and when there's a problem, simply book a call to resolve issues.


However, in the education sector, most of our customers sign up to a fixed price contract or an innovative points based maintenance program. Buy the amount of points you need at a discounted rate and use them as you need them.

This means we are able to give you access to qualified on-site technical support as often as you need it – at a fraction of the cost of employing your own full time technical staff.


The benefits of this preventative maintenance program include:

  • Enhanced systems reliability - this improves teachers’ perceptions of what they can achieve and helps raise the level of ICT usage in the school.
  • Access to fully qualified technicians with an array of skill sets gained over many years of working in the industry.
  • Use of our technicians to assist with whole-school ICT development planning to help you determine how to make best use of available and future resources.

Give us a call for a free IT audit and cost to support your network.

0121 248 7931