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Solutions specific to the education sector.

We have a range of solutions for education that suit your needs from early years and primary through to further and higher education. View our complete world-class portfolio of solutions, or alternatively we have outlined below solutions we find our education customers regularly require.


Learning Manager

For a secure, reliable network.

Learning Manager an the education specific platform developed to provide you with network wide security and reliability. It offers all the tools required to successfully deliver ICT based learning.

Learning Manager has evolved over 9 years and is available for use in all educational environments, from early years through to Post 16. Implemented on the latest core Microsoft server technologies, Learning Manager is compatible with cabled and wireless network technologies and all Windows compliant software packages.

When a pupil logs-on, Learning Manager ensures that they can only gain access to the applications and icons that administrators want them to. Learning Manager is flexible, allowing for the creation of multiple desktop schemes to cater for different year groups and capabilities. Desktop schemes are secured and cannot be altered by the user - no more missing icons at the end of the lesson!!


Learning manager offers...

  • Simplified management of users and passwords
  • Secure staff and pupil desktops
  • Ability to control PC's remotely
  • Management of network print queues
  • Shared areas for user groups
  • Complete data security

Learning Manager supports multiple shared areas for use by pupils and teachers and resources can be prepared and made available to groups of users with ease. Personalised home areas and a secure network folder are made available to each user.

Where younger children are concerned Learning Manager can be tailored to support a shared, class based home area, offering access to all students in the group.

User log-on couldn’t be simpler and we can customise the solution to class based or individual log-on.


Wireless Networking and Firewalls

Drive out cost and improve web service delivery.


Going wireless

Wireless networking offers the ultimate in flexibility, fully integrating ICT across the curriculum. It creates a learning platform that can have a hugely positive impact on the way pupils and teachers interact with ICT on a daily basis.

Network access can be granted anywhere in the school giving users the freedom to use ICT where and when it is needed.

Our team of fully trained engineers are able to carry out in depth site surveys using specialist software to determine exact levels of coverage. Whether you are looking to cater for the odd laptop or complete site-wide wireless coverage supporting 100’s of users, we can implement the solution that’s right for you.

Taking wireless capability to the next level includes offering, and importantly, locking down wireless internet access with a robust firewall.

Call us for a free wireless network survey, guaranteed levels of coverage and connectivity.

View full details of our WLAN partner Ruckus for Education.


Wireless internet security

As budgets shrink and education establishments move towards virtual learning platforms it is becoming ever critical to cost effectively monitor internet activity through, from and to the organisation as well as provide for simple web service access remotely, manage abuse of internet access, drive down operational costs and improve service delivery to users.

Probrand award winning technical service excellence in this area has brought together a best-of-breed bundle that meets the education sector’s exacting aspirations for:

  • Reduced capital expenditure
  • Lesser operational costs


We can help you:

  • Manage internet access abuse
  • Regain control of your bandwidth
  • Deliver a better web service to end users


A standardised solution that can be tailored to your needs and individual user profiles. A centralised, secure environment for end users to focus on learning.

  • Best-of-breed line rental
  • Managed firewall
  • Authenticated remote access
  • ​More on wireless internet security for education


Probrand arranges line rental and recommends a tried and tested combination of Sonicwall managed firewall and Swivel’s Pinsafe for authenticated remote access. This gives application visibility andcontrol; bandwidth management; and the highest throughput of any firewall with all services enabled.

An approach that makes sense on the bottom line:

  • Application control and visibility - Identify the applications that are utilising your bandwidth: skype, facebook and bittorrent for example – see what was previously secret. LEA funded filtering approaches have never given this level of visibility
  • Web filtering - Log and control unwanted applications and setup filtering policies against specific user profiles. Prioritise access to systems like virtual learning environments
  • Wireless access management - Control, maintain and optimise wireless access in your education environment. Education is the only environment where multiple machines suddenly demand wifi at once – this often causes a crash. Sonciwall ‘Fairnet’ will automatically manage share of bandwidth fairly amongst users. It improves user wifi experience.
  • SSL VPN and remote access – improve security with two stage ‘tokenless’ authentication and a secure tunnel for remote access. Teachers and lecturers can finally do marking from home, parents can view reports remotely and students can remote access on campus with a complete desktop rich experience.

Why not give us call to discuss trialling this approach.


Why Probrand for solution deployments?

As an ‘Outstanding Integrator of the Year’ award winner, Probrand will provide end-to-end delivery, deployment, support and integration into your existing infrastructure.

Probrand is beyond specialist in that it offers service, support and solutions. This means a team of highly professional CCRB accredited engineers that understand broader systems and infrastructure. This means peace of mind for you that the team will not ‘deploy and dash’. We work with you to ensure the solution is fully operational within your existing ICT environment.