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At Probrand we are committed to catering for all of your software needs. Our experience and knowledge means th​at you can always rely on us to provide the best software and then deploy it with complete confidence.

With a focus on Microsoft Licensing, Classroom Management and Print Quota Management, we have everything you need from a specialist software perspective.

Contact us today to see what Probrand can do for you.


Microsoft Licensing

Microsoft Gold means total expertise and competence.

Probrand maintains the enviable status of Microsoft Gold Partner. This represents the highest level of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies and gives us a closer working relationship with Microsoft. From individual client software through to full school OVS agreements, Probrand can cater for all your licensing needs.


Classroom Management

Sanako Study 500 unlocking teaching potential.

Researchers and educators have defined the benefits of ICT resources, the Internet and multimedia in enhancing many different aspects of teaching.

Teachers have found that apart from widening the range of resources and exercises at their disposal, teaching in an ICT enabled classroom introduces new methods of interactive learning.

Students can use a number of different skills and exercises to test ideas and concepts, using vision, hearing, discussion and reading to help reinforce learning, which ultimately leads to more effective and engaging education.


Working closely with SANAKO, we are able to supply market leading packages such as Study 500, which offers:

  • Voice communication with pupils over the network
  • Chat sessions for groups
  • Text communication with pupils over the network
  • Teacher command of student screens
  • Remote activation of student PC’s prior to lesson
  • Teacher control of student applications and documents
  • Admin control of internet access, web pages and selected applications to students
  • Monitoring of individual student and group PC activity
  • Management of teaching groups to differentiate teaching in the same class


Print Quota Management

Reducing the strain on your schools budget.

Irresponsible printing strains the budget but Print Manager Plus can eliminate wasted printing by up to 50% on a school network.

Print Manager Plus Standard Academic Edition for Windows Server, allows setting of printing quotas, restrictions, and detailed tracking of all print history.