• Education IT Support - Challenges

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Deep knowle​dge of your ICT pains

Our specialist team understands your pain points and what defines best fit to meet your objectives for the future. We have a track record of working with departments to find creative approaches that get you where you need to be with guidance, training, services, support and best priced products.


Legacy ICT

Many establishments have been left with legacy ICT of 3 – 5+ years old as a result of the abolition of the BSF program, which would have refreshed their ICT infrastructure. Now faced with this legacy kit and budgets slashed by 50%, IT departments have a difficult task of maintaining a reliable up-to-date ICT platform that reflects the cutting edge environment pupils will experience in the commercial world.


Reduced resource

With budget and in some cases resource cuts, IT departments may find they have less cash and colleagues. As a result, IT managers are being expected to take on more roles as well as maintaining and developing the organisation’s ICT infrastructure.


Consumable IT product costs in the spot light

Cost reduction is focal and with toner and consumable costs representing a large portion of ICT budget s, there has been a shift change towards compatibles and better managing print duty cycles and allied costs. Centralised limited print management is a cost effective approach that radically reduces cost in this area.


Keeping up with the Jones’s

Schools always aim to engage pupils through cutting edge ICT in the classroom, however, technology available to pupils at home and later in the commercial arena has advanced considerably. Personal ownership of iPads , Tablets, Smart/Touch Phones and so on is a reality. The challenge is how to include this technology in the classroom within the constraints of lower budgets and relevance to the curriculum.


Academy status

As Schools transfer to Academy Status they take control of a number of Software and Hardware related contracts that historically the Local Education Authority (LEA) owned. Examples include, new financial accountancy software to comply with Company status rather than Educational accountancy reporting and adoption of their own Internet and Security software packages. Of course, the shift in liability associated with the school rather than LEA providing these services has sharpened the focus on getting it right first time at the right price.


Switching Capex to Opex

Budget pressures are seeing establishments switch to explore approaches that bridge the Capital funding gap. Our methodology and leasing contacts enable education focussed flexibility of terms, trade-in values on old kit, delayed payment of initial instalments and more palatable end of agreement terms with three to five year options.