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Transfer files of any size with peace of mind using Secure File Share.

As you read this, someone in the UK is sending a sensitive file to a colleague by email or as a disk in the post because they have no other way to transfer it. Their managing director won’t know about it until the company becomes next month’s data breach headline. Don’t be that company.

Offered in partnership with Probrand, Citrix’s Secure File Share solution makes emailed and posted documents a thing of the past. It enables your business to share files of any size online in a secure, encrypted environment, and it even scans files for viruses before users download them.

The beauty of the Secure File Share system is the control that it gives you. Managers can administer file sharing from a central portal, creating policies that restrict the sharing of files based on your business rules. They can get reports on what files employees have shared, and with whom.

Don’t rely on consumer services with no reporting and minimal management capabilities. Use a professional, business-focused file sharing solution and gain peace of mind.

Why Probrand?


Business Understanding

Business Understanding.

Technical Expertise

Deep Technical Expertise.

World Class Support

World Class Support.

Award Winning Service

Award Winning Service.



Probrand is a Citrix Silver Solutions Provider, and is an expert in Secure File Share. We work with clients daily to secure all aspects of their computing infrastructure, from datacentre to device. 

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