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Keep smartphones and tablets under control through masterful mobile management.

Mobile computing is now an integral part of business. Employees check email and arrange appointments on their smartphones and tablets, and even modern notebooks are increasingly doubling as hybrid tablet devices.

Naturally, employees want to bring in their own devices, which leads to the scourge of modern IT departments: device sprawl. Every device represents a potential infection vector or data leak. Balancing customer convenience and security is a tricky problem.

Probrand can help you manage a growing tide of mobile devices using proven mobile device management and enterprise mobile management technology. These cloud-based systems enable you to create policies for data and application usage, and then enforce them on every device with access to your business data, no matter where it is.

Our solutions let you monitor and report on device usage, manage mobile data encryption and change passwords. You can even find stolen devices and wipe them if necessary, all without leaving your seat.

Why Probrand for Mobile Device Management?


Business Understanding

Business Understanding.

Deep Technical Expertise

Deep Technical Expertise.

Attention to Detail

Attention to Detail.

World-class support

World-class Support.



Probrand lives and breathes mobile computing. It sources and configures mobile devices for clients and frequently develops mobile software applications to help customers optimise their business operations. Managing mobile devices is a natural complement to these skills. 



Mobile connectivity costs businesses billions


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