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A turnkey solution to manage all your endpoint devices

Configuring and maintaining desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones isn’t your company’s core business. It’s a time consuming and costly process that you’d rather not have to deal with. It still has to be done, because these devices are crucial to your work.

So, let Probrand do it.

We can supply your client devices on a managed or owned basis to suit your financial model. We take care of the device on your employee’s desk or in their pocket from cradle to grave.

Our professional services team can configure equipment with your standard operating system and application images out of the box, so that every piece of equipment is the same. It handles support and maintenance issues, replacing devices quickly to keep employees equipped with the tools they need. When the time comes to upgrade, we can dispose of the old device safely, securely, and fuss-free.

Why Probrand?


Flexible Working Model

Flexible Working Model.

Business Understanding

Business Understanding.

Professional Sourcing

Professional Sourcing.

World-class support

World-class Support.



Probrand is an expert at equipment sourcing, operating the most successful digital marketplace in the UK. We understand all aspects of the client device lifecycle, from provisioning through management to disposal. We offer a unique mix of hardware sourcing and professional skill that can satisfy all of a customer’s endpoint needs. 

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