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Be prepared when the CEO wants to connect their smartphone to the office network.

Since smartphones and tablet devices became popular, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has become a popular trend in the business community. Executives used to the latest technology at home will want to bring it into work. That creates a security headache for IT administrators preoccupied with keeping the network secure, and company data safe.

Probrand can help make your infrastructure safe for BYOD devices. Our expertise in networking enables us to cordon off areas of your network infrastructure purely for BYOD users, so that they can use their devices without endangering sensitive computer resources.

Using our mobile device management and enterprise mobile management technologies, we can also create authentication systems that allow BYOD devices to access business data in a secure, controlled way.

Working with your business managers, Probrand can help you to define policies for BYOD users, giving them access to only the resources that they need, and preventing data from leaving the company unencrypted on their devices. That keeps you safe, and your employees and visitors happy.

Why Probrand?


Attention to Detail

Attention to Detail.

Experienced Staff

Experienced Staff.

Business Understanding

Business Understanding.

Deep Technical Expertise

Deep Technical Expertise.



Probrand is an expert at networking, mobile devices, and cybersecurity. Its professional services team can blend these three disciplines, providing end-to-end BYOD solutions that support employee preferences while fulfilling IT and compliance needs.




How to prevent a BYOD data breach


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