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Don’t let devices hold you back.
Deliver any application, any time, anywhere, on any platform.

Employees today may use a tablet, smartphone, notebook or desktop as their device of choice, possibly switching between all four. Even the operating system they use may change several times a day.

IT departments can’t be expected to create applications for all those devices, and even if they did, installing them would be daunting. Local installations lead to unhappy users when device settings change or driver patches conflict with application software.

Probrand has the answer for your application delivery problems. Using application streaming technology, we can package a single application and deliver it quickly and painlessly, with no local installation necessary.

Using Microsoft’s App-V streaming software, you can serve users the productivity they need, without the administrative headaches. This gets your application to the user wherever they are, and on whatever they’re using. It increases both the users’ convenience, and yours.

Let us provide your application delivery solution, managing its design, implementation and even its operation for you. 

Why Probrand?


Attention to Detail

Attention to Detail.

Award Winning Service

Award Winning Service.

Outstanding Partnerships

Outstanding Partnerships.

Deep Technical Expertise

Deep Technical Expertise.



Probrand is an end-to-end solutions provider, focused on helping companies manage their IT from the server hardware through to the device. We understand the challenges of managing administrative back-end software, and the intricacies of client-side device management.

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