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Wireless/Wifi as a Service from Probrand

Wireless/Wifi as a Service from Probrand provides mission critical high speed wireless/wifi connectivity. With some devices only able to connect to business networks wirelessly (e.g. smartphones, tablets), you need a reliable, lightning-quick wireless connection that’s simple to manage and scalable to your needs. Probrand’s super-stable wireless LAN will help you overcome even the most complex challenges.

Our expert IT engineers specialise in designing and implementing bespoke Wireless/Wifi as a Service packages that can help you to maintain, monitor, and report on your advanced wireless network.  If your unique circumstances require reliable workspace connections for time sensitive daily demands on your network, we can help. 

  • Design - Implement - Monitor - Support 
    Our expert IT engineers will work with you to understand the ongoing demands on your wireless/wifi network. This analysis of your business requirements will allow for a bespoke design suited to your business needs. Professional Wireless/Wifi as a Service from Probrand includes installation, network monitoring, and 24/78 customer support. 
  • Benefit from Data Usage Analytics
    Data usage analytics present an in depth insight into the number and type of wireless devices that request access your network, highlighting the number of access attempts and the duration of connectivity. Wireless/Wifi as a Service from Probrand can be used to rollout cost-effective updates to your network, ensuring a high value service that reflects the adapting needs of your growing business network. 
  • 24/7 Network Management Support
    Benefit from 24/7 support from our expert team of IT engineers. System failure and denied access for any reason can mean that your business suffers in the short-term from a potential loss of profits and in the long-term from potential damage to your reputation. Our Wireless/Wifi as a Service package includes full remote support and onsite visits where applicable.

High Performance Security Architecture 

Wireless/Wifi as a Service from Probrand provides advanced security measures that begin with installing a tailored system for processing requests to access the network (from both returning or newly identified devices). This process of granting access to devices is also known as ‘onboarding’. We can help you to take complete control over which devices are able to access designated areas of your network.

Advanced RF Monitoring Software 

RF stands for Radio Frequency. Where your wireless/wifi network provides temperamental or unpredictable results in terms of load times and stability, the likely source of the problem is an inadequate delivery platform providing an insufficient RF bandwidth. 

Wireless/Wifi as a Service from Probrand ensures that signal strength and network capacity levels are monitored at all times. This results in real time notifications over potentially disruptive connections (where network limits are close to reaching maximum load levels), and serves to highlight where greater bandwidth may be beneficial to help meet demands.


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Wireless/Wifi as a Service - Speak to the Experts

WiFi devices have flooded modern offices. This leads to increasing demands on your network, causing erratic connections, poor coverage, bad sound quality and video. Buildings can also cause problems for wireless networks. Wireless signals can have trouble with thick concrete walls, a new-build with foil-backed cladding, or a large site that needs connectivity at all four corners.

Our solution offers all the functionality of a high-end system at a fraction of the cost of conventional alternatives. We can configure and deploy it in half the time of conventional solutions, thanks to its self-optimising technology and the ability to add guests quickly.

The dual band functionality in the Probrand wireless LAN enables multiple device types, and the device adapts access point signal steering for the most reliable Wi-Fi. Our WiFi solution Wireless/Wifi as a Service from Probrand provides all of these features with the latest advanced security, link layer encryption and authentication mechanisms.

Call on our wireless LAN design and deployment services to free your users from restrictive cables while maintaining high performance and reliability.

Upgrade you current Wireless/Wifi as a Service provider today with industry leading help from Probrand. Our dedicated team of skilled IT professionals can help you to improve the quality of your in-house network connections, with partitioned secure network environments suitable for guest devices, and an increased signal strength for larger workspaces. 

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