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Enterprise apps the easy way.

Traditional application development can be very time consuming and costs can quickly spiral.

Using low-code application platform, KnowledgeKube, develop or have us develop, highly connected enterprise applications for the Web, Windows, iOS and Android without the risk of traditional development.

Create small productivity apps to large scale enterprise solutions that can be deployed across the enterprise and that easily connect with enterprise data, cloud services and devices.


  • Create highly configurable Apps: Handle process, decision making and compliance.
  • Build professional forms with all the controls you’ll ever need.
  • Customise user journeys with unlimited user states or roles.
  • Build and develop complex expressions with the simplicity of Excel.
  • Connect and exchange data with current and legacy systems.
  • Develop apps once; Deploy HTML and native mobile, without modifications.
  • Index and search data independently from its original data source.
  • Dynamically shape, filter and derive new data.
  • Microsoft Word compatible document templates for report and document generation.
  • Rapid Proof of Concepts (POC’s) - Tear Up, Pull Down.


  • Cross-platform apps without hassle of HTML, Custom API’s, Cross Compilations.
  • Connect to over 60 products, services, formats, technologies, without programming.
  • Scale the Apps You Build, Deploy with Elastic Scale Support.
  • Provide better digital experiences, without the time/cost of traditional development.
  • Create standard compliant HTML/HTML5, CSS and JavaScript UI’s embracing today’s web.
  • Orchestrate, mine data from disparate enterprise systems into organised processes.
  • Advanced statistical analysis functions and machine learning algorithms.
  • Create feature rich user interfaces to improve user adoption.
  • Utilise decision trees; create predictive apps based on input variables.
  • ISO 27001 and CESG Security Accredited, for peace of mind.

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Attention to Detail.

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Agile Approach.

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Experienced Staff.

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Business Understanding.

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