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Let Probrand design and deliver on your storage objectives

Along with computer and networking, storage completes the three basic infrastructure pillars in your datacentre. It is also a complex and rapidly-evolving technology, with a variety of options such as all-flash arrays, hybrid storage, storage area networks, SATA, SAS and different RAID configurations.

Each combination of storage technologies will be suitable for a specific workload. The trick is understanding which ones to use together, and how much storage you need.

Probrand is your trusted partner in data storage. We will design your storage architecture with your unique needs in mind, advising you when higher-cost options make sense, and when to use commodity solutions.

We focus both on performance and data resilience. Probrand can develop a storage solution that is both redundant and backed up, giving you peace of mind in the datacentre.

We are experts at capacity planning, and can ensure that you buy enough storage to suit your data needs without investing more than necessary. Future-proof your storage strategy – and your data – by drawing on our industry expertise.

Why Probrand for Data Storage Solutions?

Probrand manages your entire storage procurement and design process from end to end. Our broad infrastructure expertise enables us to integrate your storage seamlessly with your server and networking technology.

Business Understanding

Business Understanding.

Technical Expertise

Deep Infrastructure Knowledge.

World Class Support

World Class Support.

Professional Sourcing

Professional Sourcing.




Ten Smart Things to Know About Storage

The field of storage is developing fast, but it’s easier than you think to take advantage of the latest cost-saving trends and developments.


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