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Let Probrand plan, build, configure and migrate your server architecture

Switching servers isn’t something you’ll need to do very often, but when you do it, you’d better get it right. You must plan your memory and CPU power to accommodate the tasks at hand, and deploy the new equipment. Migrating your data and applications from your old server architecture to new systems without disrupting services to your users is a complex process.

Probrand provides an end-to-end server provisioning solution, from planning your hardware specifications and supplying the hardware, through to migrating your applications and data. Along the way, we size your servers to fit your workload and install the hardware in your datacentre. We will even dispose of your old equipment safely and securely.

Our solution helps customers mitigate risk, because our experienced staff understand all the things that can go wrong during server migrations.

By letting Probrand manage your server deployment as a turnkey project, you save money by eliminating in-house skills that you rarely need to use.

Why Probrand for servers?


Top Tier Partners & Accreditations

Top Tier Partners & Accreditations.

Technical Expertise

Deep Infrastructure Knowledge.

Attention to Detail

Attention to Detail.

Experienced Staff

Professional Sourcing.


Probrand looks at your server architecture in the context of the entire stack, from hardware through to applications. We use our skills from other areas such as networking and storage to ensure that your server equipment operates seamlessly as part of your broader infrastructure.



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