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Don’t get hot under the collar in the data room.

Datacentre outages disrupt vital business applications, and can costs thousands of pounds each hour. Yet modern datacentres are complex and fragile environments, always at risk from power problems or temperature fluctuations. In some computing facilities, all it takes is an unexpected blip to bring your computing infrastructure to its knees.

Modern datacentres are power-hungry, cramming dense computing and storage power into each rack to meet growing business needs. This increases the risk of datacentre failure thanks to brownouts.

All that equipment also generates heat, which in turn increases the need for cooling systems to keep equipment from overheating. The cooling systems also consume lots of power.

Probrand takes a scientific approach to datacentre power and cooling, designing facilities with hot and cold aisle configurations that regulate temperature.

We monitor power loads to ensure that each rack gets the electricity it needs to support dense computing architectures. Our teams analyse the heat output from racked devices and ensures that that cooling systems can keep it operating in acceptable windows.

The result? Smooth, streamlined operation, and no unexpected datacentre emergencies.

Why Probrand for your Datacentre Power & Cooling?


Award Winning Service

Award Winning Service.

Deep Technical Expertise

Deep Technical Expertise.

Attention to Detail

Attention to Detail.

Experienced Staff

Experienced Staff.


As a provider of cloud-based services for customers, Probrand operates its own datacentres in the UK. It understands how to design facilities that operate at peak efficiency and stay working, even during summer heat waves. Its experience in operating professional computing rooms is second to none. 

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