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Let Probrand deliver a market leading network solution for you

As the fabric that holds your compute and storage together, your computer network is one of the most important part of your infrastructure. It is also one of the fastest-evolving datacentre technologies. It is important to choose the right network technology not only for today’s datacentre applications, but for tomorrow’s.

Probrand can bring its networking expertise to bear in your datacentre, analysing your data loads and application performance requirements. We understand all layers of the network stack, from physical cabling through to application-layer traffic analysis, and everything in between.

Trust us to help you create a network today that will serve you long into the future, using technologies ranging from simple VLAN configuration through to software-defined networking for increased agility and performance.

Our technical consultants will answer the networking questions you know to ask – and anticipate the ones that you haven’t yet considered.

Why Probrand?


Attention to Detail

Business Understanding.

Experienced Staff

Experienced Staff.

World Class Support

World Class Support.

Professional Sourcing

Professional Sourcing.



Probrand has spent years designing networks for enterprise and small business customers, and has seen every configuration and networking problem in the book. Sign a network design and implementation contract with Dell in the UK, and Probrand is the network engineering company that it sends to your door. We are your choice for robust, high-performance network design and execution.

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