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Work with us to turn spaghetti cabling into lean, reliable data infrastructure.

Today’s datacentres must move more information than ever before, leading to incredibly complex cabling infrastructures. Badly-designed cabling leads to performance problems, and makes it difficult to rewire network, storage and computer systems.

Don’t let your cable infrastructure get the better of you. Probrand can take care of the worst cabling problems with rip and replace solutions that will make you feel more comfortable with your datacentre environment.

We can carefully design your data cabling systems from the patch panel all the way through to your structured cabling solution, ensuring that it is neat, well documented, and easy to reconfigure on demand.

Our cabling design ensures that your datacentre uses fibre and copper where appropriate for the job, while our capacity planning expertise ensures that your structured data cabling will support the data flows that you support today, and those that you anticipate tomorrow.

We ensure that your power cables are properly placed for safety, avoiding electromagnetic issues and supporting the loads that your equipment needs. Turn to us as your trusted partner for datacentre cabling.

Why Probrand for Cabling?


Flexible Working Model

Flexible Working Model.

Deep Technical Expertise

Deep Technical Expertise.

Attention to Detail

Attention to Detail.

World-class support

World-class Support.


There’s no better qualification than experience. Probrand is an expert in cabling systems because it has created its own. It operates its own datacentres in the UK, carrying gigabytes of traffic for many cloud computing and managed services customers. It has acquired the technical skill to install, document and manage cabling infrastructure efficiently.


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