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Cyber Security Capability Assessment from Probrand

Claim your FREE* Cyber Security Capability Assessment with Probrand today. Our specialist team of trained IT personnel can help your business to minimise the risk of cyber threats and maximise the effectiveness of your response procedure. Our expert services begin with this 4 hour consultancy from one of our qualified ACE practitioners. We will identify and analyse potential cyber threats and offer tailored advice on any improvements needed.

Your Cyber Security Capability Assessment will look at the following areas:

  • Network security and configuration
  • Basic security process & protocols
  • Data access controls and permissions
  • Specific cyber threat defences
  • Devices, software and apps configuration, and update frequency.

Following the assessment into your internal cyber security protocols, we will produce a detailed and concise report outlining our findings and suggestions. The report will recommended fixes that are relatively fast to implement as well as any advanced fixes that may require changes to one or all of the three main areas of cyber security: people, process, and technology.

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Understanding Cyber Security - People, Process, Technology

A cyber security capability assessment from Probrand will focus on mitigating risk and implementing best-practice strategies across the following three areas of risk assessment: People, Process, and Technology. If required, we can dive deeper into your organisation's cyber security measures, looking at these areas in more detail.

  • People
    Assessment of the human factor involves looking at the working procedures of both technical and non-technical staff. This aims to isolate areas in which training and support is needed to both raise awareness of common security threats (and therefore prevent poor decision making going forwards) and improve the competency levels of those tasked with handling security breaches.
  • Process
    A full analysis of cyber security processes - in relation to business requirements - serves to highlight where policies, templates, guides, and methodologies need attention. This could involve removing outdated or inappropriate risk management procedures, and recognising where updates or new strategies are needed.
  • Technology
    This stage of the cyber security capability assessment seeks to define the organisational deployment of current IT solutions. The output of this examination will deliver recommendations on fixes to in-house IT infrastructure and highlight where additional technology (hardware/software) could improve cyber security in areas such as BYOD network access, firewalls, and activity monitoring.

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