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High-definition video conferencing can replace travel and make meetings more productive.

While desktops and phones have made streaming video common, there’s a difference between video calling and video conferencing. Businesses are looking to professional equipment and software for a robust, enjoyable video experience that can realistically replace travel and enhance ad hoc long-distance conversations.

Probrand offers a variety of video conferencing solutions but recommends the Microsoft Surface Hub as an enterprise-class collaboration system that puts video conferencing at its centre. It uses dual high-definition wide angle cameras, powered by the Kinect motion sensor technology that originally debuted in its Xbox console, along with wide lens cameras and sensitive microphones. This enables the device to track users around the room.

Just a few short years ago, companies wanting enterprise-level videoconferencing needed to invest in complex audiovisual bridges with complex configuration. Today, world-beating videoconferencing comes in one stellar device that hangs on the wall.

Why Probrand for Video Conference?

Flexible Working Model

Flexible Working Model.

Professional Sourcing

Professional Sourcing.

Business Understanding

Business Understanding.

Award Winning Service

Award Winning Service.

Probrand is among a handful of organizations licensed to sell, demo and install the Surface Hub. We can complement your videoconferencing system with high performance networking and conductivity, giving you lag-free, high definition video to do your equipment justice.

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