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Share data, ideas and content within a protected environment.

Probrand provides security solutions that let users collaborate with each other openly, while staying safe from a variety of attacks that arrive via email. Using a range of tools, our professional services team can secure the flow of email in and out of your building.

We can protect your company from phishing attacks and malicious attachments while also shielding high level executives from business email compromise (whaling) attacks that can lead to large financial losses.

Probrand’s security solution scans email coming into your network, quarantining large volumes of spam that would otherwise dent employee productivity. It also scans attachments to spot and stop malware from reaching employee devices.

Our systems protect information going the other way, too. We scan content before it leaves your network, to ensure that employees are not unwittingly sending dangerous email with payloads that could infect business partners and customers.

Why Probrand for Security?


Cyber Essentials ACE Practitioners

ACE Practitioners.

Award Winning Service

Award Winning Service.

Attention to Detail

Attention to Detail.

World Class Support

World Class Support.

Probrand has been deploying Microsoft Exchange since 1997, and has an intimate understanding of email threats and how to prevent them. Our cybersecurity team works with third party specialists to constantly keep abreast of new attack vectors and threat trends, and we are accredited to provide a Government approved Cyber Security Capability assessment anytime.

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