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Use content filtering to block bad traffic before it pollutes your devices.

Your employees need online access to do their jobs, but the Internet is a nasty neighbourhood, with Petabytes of inappropriate or downright dangerous content. Probrand can help you to ensure that users access the legitimate online content that they need while protecting them from the harmful stuff.

We partner with cybersecurity company SonicWall to bring you content scanning and filtering technology that protects your network. Provided as a managed service, its technology sits on your network perimeter and watches incoming traffic. It blocks known malicious sites and content that could make employees feel uncomfortable or land you in legal trouble.

We understand that not all users are equal. Most employees may not need Facebook access at work, but your marketing department will. We show you how to grant specific users access to certain content while blocking others, maximizing your productivity and security.

Why Probrand for Content Filtering?


Experienced Staff

Experienced Staff.

Business Understanding

Business Understanding.

Outstanding Partnerships

Outstanding Partnerships.

World Class Support

World Class Support.

Probrand knows SonicWall’s products inside out, and has a close relationship with the company. SonicWall recognises Probrand as an oustsanding integration partner, and even approaches our services and support team for help with debugging and faultfinding its own products.

Is This You?

Approximatelly 782,240 UK businesses are exposed with old or untested gateway security.

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