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Let Probrand migrate you to a cost-effective and future-friendly cloud telephony solution.

Organisations face several communication challenges that are hampering productivity, restricting collaboration and costing significant amounts, particularly as regards legacy communication solutions:

  • Employees missing important calls and messages because of multiple phone numbers, inboxes and communications tools
  • Complex deployment and maintenance take-up your tech team’s time and budget
  • Legacy solutions that only work in the office, slowing down response time
  • Outages that interrupt your operations and impact your revenue, and tie-up even more tech team time to resolve.

There’s also ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) final switch off in 2025 to consider. 3.2 million organisations are still using ISDN, but BT are starting to withdraw them from 2020. If that’s you, then you need to look at alternatives before your contract ends, or before your line is closed.

The silver lining? This is a great opportunity to increase productivity and reduce costs, by migrating to a cutting-edge cloud telephony solution. 

The benefits of choosing cloud telephony

As with most cloud services one of the key benefits comes from removing the initial upfront cost of investment in an on-premise solution, as well as removing the maintenance requirements. Combined with Probrand’s technical networking and cloud expertise, you can be sure of a seamless, lag-free experience.

  • Telephony wherever your staff are working, on any device
  • Flexibility to scale up or down, means you only pay for what you need
  • Less admin and maintenance releases tech team time to focus on more important projects
  • Confidence of a reliable phone service that will keep running even if your internet fails
  • Work smarter and evolve your business using cloud-connected apps to trigger telephony events


Why Probrand for Cloud Telephony?


ISO 27001 Accredited

ISO 27001 Accreditation.

Technical Expertise

Deep Technical Expertise.

Business Understanding

Business Understanding.

World Class Support

World Class Support.


Probrand has industry partnerships with third-party data communications carriers, ensuring high-performance connectivity between your offices. Our technical team and in-house engineers can support from planning & consultancy, through deployment, management and even safe removal and disposal of your legacy system


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